PALS Week 2

This week during PALS Angela, Taylor, and Mr. King went over to the elementary school to teach the 3rd graders about seeds. The first things that they did with the 3rd graders was help them make rag doll seed germination tests. A rag doll seed germination test is when seeds are wrapped in wet paper towel. It will hopefully grow. The third graders also learned what conditions a seed needs in order to grow and what the word germination means. We also talked about how many of the foods we eat everyday are either seeds or made from seeds.


Taylor teaching the 3rd graders.

Trail Camera Contest

The Cashton FFA held a Trail Camera Contest. The contest was open to members and non-members. They submitted a picture of deer from their trail cameras. All persons that submitted an entry will get 100 FFA Bucks for FFA Week. The winner will get 200 FFA Bucks for FFA Week. The winner was Brady Butzler.

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Section 3- SLW

On Thursday, September 18th, three officers of the Cashton FFA Chapter attended the annual Section 3 SLW Conference in Tomah. President Mark Gronemus, Secretary Rebecca Gronemus, and Reporter Angela Klinkner attended workshops throughout the evening, met knew people, learned how to fulfill their duty as an officer, and how to imporove our chapter. They also got to meet up with the 2014-2015 State Officer team as well as meet one of the National officers from Alabama, Jackson Harris.