Wisconsin State Fair

West Allis, WIS., August 11-14, 2016 – The Wisconsin State FFA Band and Choir preformed at the 165th Wisconsin State Fair. Two Cashton FFA members preformed in these groups; Taylor Hanley was apart of the Choir, and Angela Klinkner was in the Band. They preformed various genres of songs in different places around the fair grounds. They made new friends and had so much fun. If you would like to learn more about the State FFA Choir or Band please contact us or go to http://www.wisconsinffa.org/programs/.

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State Convention 2016

On June 13th, 2016, 13 members of the Cashton FFA Chapter traveled to the Wisconsin State FFA Convention. The members were awarded and participated in many things. Alex Hurtz was awarded a 3rd gold swine proficiency. He, Josh Korn, and Ryan Osuski all received their State Degrees. Sierra Hanley, Nick Gronemus, Josh Korn, and Alex Hurtz were all recognized for placing 1st in the Soils Judging competition. Rebecca Gronemus represented the chapter by going on stage to receive a Silver rating in the National Chapter competition. Angela Klinkner was the recipient of the Three Star Leader Award for her assistance in the chapter’s activities in the National Chapter Competition. Josh Korn had the honor of carrying the chapter’s FFA flag in the opening ceremonies of the convention. Sierra Hanley and Nick Gronemus served as the 2016 delegates of the chapter. Taylor Hanley and Angela Klinkner were able to share their musical abilities, as they participated in the FFA State Honors Chorus and Band. Finaly, the middle school members attended many workshops and had a fun time, enjoying their first State FFA Convention. Overall, the Cashton FFA Chapter was very successful at the 2016 Wisconsin State FFA Convention.

State Fair

Angela Klinkner, Dea Dea Leis, and Carrie and Casey Urbanek, attended the Wisconsin State Fair August 13th through 16th to play in the Wisconsin FFA State Honors Band. They performed multiple times over the four days they were there.

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FFA Honors Band Members Perform at State Fair

Carrie Urbanek, Casey Urbanek, Janessa Kuderer, Dea Dea Leis, and Angela Klinkner attended the Wisconsin State Fair August 7-10 to participate in the State FFA Honors Band. They toured the fair, were able to go to a Brewer game, ate the famous Wisconsin cream puffs, played in the jazz band, and met and reunited with many other FFA members from around the state.


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