FFA Week Day 5

Students at Cashton showed their FFA pride by wearing blue, gold, and/or FFA apparel on Friday, the last day of FFA Week. During lunch, students could purchase tickets for the Chicken Plop contest. The school day and week was rounded out with the annual FFA Week assembly.

The assembly kicked off by introducing the chapter officers, state officers that were attending, and the National President, Taylor McNeel. State officers that attended were State President  – Sally Albers, State Sentinel – Joelle Liddane, State Vice President –  Kaitlin Konder, and State Secretary –  Maddi Colbeth. Taylor McNeel gave a speech to the attendees; her message was to “Live Palms Up”.

The first event was Turkey Bowling. Boy and girl representatives from each high school grade and the staff each got two bowls; the team with the highest combined score won. The Juniors, Noel Schmitz and Kaleb Mlsna, ended with a combined score of 27 points, and they were declared the victors.

The second event was Pig Herding. A boy and girl representative from each high school class had to “herd” three balloon pigs into their “pigpens.” The Seniors, Alex Hurtz and Krysten Kelly won the contest. The next activity was the egg toss; two representatives from all middle school and high school grades, the staff, Holmen, and Blair Taylor competed. Each time the egg was thrown, teams would step back to make the competition more difficult. Seniors Jeffery Belteton and Katie Mack took the win.

The next event was the Farmer Relay. A boy and girl representative were required for this event. First, the girl put on rubbers, a flannel shirt, overalls, and a hat; they then ran to the 5 sawdust bales and stacked them. They then had to hop on a pedal tractor and pedal down to their partner. Next, they gave their farmer garb to their teammate. The boys had to pedal back to the bales, restack them, and finally, fill a calf bottle and put the cap on it. In the first round, Freshmen Dawson Mushak and Loren Olson won over the Seniors. In the second round, Juniors Avrie Butzler and Mitchel Kuhn were victors over the Sophomores. In the final round, the Freshmen matched up against the Juniors, and the Juniors ended up the champions.

With time remaining, cheese curd toss was the following event. The Sophomore team ended up winning this contest. Then, the cow, pig, and farmer costume winners were announced. Philip Brueggen was voted to wear the pig costume, Nick Lasky and Ben Wendland were voted to wear the cow and farmer costumes.

Next, the teacher who was voted to kiss the mystery animal was announced. The lucky teacher was Mr. Jackson and he had to kiss our lovely goat, brought in by one of our FFA members. Also, Travis Kast won the Chicken Plop contest and received $20. The assembly ended with Ag Trivia. Questions were asked by State President Sally Albers and answered on the program Kahoot. The Juniors ended with the most points. Mr. King made the announcement that Casino Night was moved to Friday, March 4th. After the assembly, Mr. King and the officers gave their guests a tour of the Ag facilities.

FFA Week 2016 Day 4

The Cashton FFA hosted its annual FFA week Brat Sale on Thursday of FFA week. FFA members grilled hamburgers and bratwurst for middle school and high school lunches. The Brat Sale is a fundraiser for the week’s activities and is the end result of the Food Products and Processing class’s brat processing unit. During the sale the student body was given tickets to vote for teachers to kiss the mystery animal, a middle school student to wear a pig costume, and two high school students to be the farmer and cow of FFA Week. This year’s nominees for the kiss the mystery animal were Mr. Hanley, Mr. Kohl, Mr. Jackson, Mr. Zellner, and Mrs. VonRuden. Middle school student nominees for the pig costume were Paige H., Logan P., Phillip B., Bonita H., Kenny L., and Alannah K. The high school student nominees for farmer and cow of FFA Week were Kiana E., Nick L., Taylor F., Ben W., Bre H., Brandon K., Alyssa V., and Donnivan H.

The winner of the pig costume is Phillip B.

The winners of the FFA Week Farmer and Cow are Ben W. (farmer) and Nick L. (Cow).

The teacher selected to kiss the mystery animal will be revealed at the FFA assembly on Friday.

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FFA Week 2016 Day 3

On  Wednesday, the third day of FFA week, students at Cashton High School were hidden in plain sight. They dressed up in camouflage, blaze orange, and blaze pink. They also participated in the lunch time activity, which was inflation toss. A boy and girl representative from each class had a chance to try to get 5 milking inflations into a milk crate. During the middle school lunch, the 8th grade students won. In the high school contest, the Freshmen won after tying with the sophomores. Thursday’s dress up day is favorite tractor day. There is no lunch time activity; however, there will be a brat and burger sale. When students purchase a meal, they will get tickets to vote for kiss the mystery animal (teachers), cow and farmer costume (High School), and the pig costume (Middle School).

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FFA Week: Friday

On Friday, we held our annual FFA Week Ag Assembly. Students were asked to wear FFA or Blue and Gold to support FFA Week and compete in our assembly and activities to receive FFA Bucks for Casino night. We sold chicken plop sales, held different relays and competitions, and watched the winner of the kiss the mystery animal competition, Mrs. Williams, kiss two, little sheep.

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