FFA Week 2016 Day 4

The Cashton FFA hosted its annual FFA week Brat Sale on Thursday of FFA week. FFA members grilled hamburgers and bratwurst for middle school and high school lunches. The Brat Sale is a fundraiser for the week’s activities and is the end result of the Food Products and Processing class’s brat processing unit. During the sale the student body was given tickets to vote for teachers to kiss the mystery animal, a middle school student to wear a pig costume, and two high school students to be the farmer and cow of FFA Week. This year’s nominees for the kiss the mystery animal were Mr. Hanley, Mr. Kohl, Mr. Jackson, Mr. Zellner, and Mrs. VonRuden. Middle school student nominees for the pig costume were Paige H., Logan P., Phillip B., Bonita H., Kenny L., and Alannah K. The high school student nominees for farmer and cow of FFA Week were Kiana E., Nick L., Taylor F., Ben W., Bre H., Brandon K., Alyssa V., and Donnivan H.

The winner of the pig costume is Phillip B.

The winners of the FFA Week Farmer and Cow are Ben W. (farmer) and Nick L. (Cow).

The teacher selected to kiss the mystery animal will be revealed at the FFA assembly on Friday.

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FFA Week 2016 Day 1

Students of Cashton High School participated in the first school day of FFA Week on Monday. The dress up day was flannel/ plaid. Not only did many high school and middle school students dress up, but a lot of the teachers participated. The lunch time activity was corn shucking; a boy and a girl from each class volunteered. In the middle school lunch, the sixth grade pair won. During the high school lunch hour, the sophomores won. Tuesday is Twin Day; the lunch time activity is Cheese Identification.

2015 Plant Sale

The Cashton FFA is holding its annual plant sale this week May 4th – May 10th. Annuals, vegetables, hanging baskets, and more will be on sale. The plant sale will be open on weekdays from 3:30pm – 6:00pm and on the weekend from 8:00am – 3:00pm. The plant sale features an Open House of the new Agriculture Addition. A Brat Sale will be held on Saturday May 9th from 11:00am – 1:00pm during the sale. Come out and support the Cashton FFA!

Day 6 of FFA Week

On Friday of FFA week, the Cashton FFA officer team hosted an assembly for the students and faculty of Cashton High and Middle School. At the assembly, the students participated in a myriad of activities  such as the farmer olympics, Ag trivia, cow pie eating contest, turkey bowling, and the egg toss. There was a mixture of success within the student body throughout the activities. The teachers dominated Ag trivia while the eighth grade class won the egg toss. The Juniors excelled at turkey bowling while the senior class finished first in the cow pie eating contest. This year’s farmer olympics champions was the senior class.  Students also could win a cash prize for the chicken plop. Our chicken for this year’s chicken plop was Cluck Norris, a Black Rosecomb rooster. With Cluck pooping on square 26, Ryan Osuski won the prize.

Another Cashton FFA tradition is the cow costume and the kiss the mystery animal contests. Four students were on the ballot to wear the cow costume, and five teachers  were on the ballot to kiss the mystery animal. Voting was open during the FFA brat sale.  This year’s winners were student Jeffrey Belteton and principal Mrs. Butzler. To best welcome Mrs. Butzler to Cashton this year the mystery animal was a Holstein calf. Tomorrow, to end the FFA week celebrations, the chapter will be hosting a casino night and dance in the high school cafeteria. The admission for the event is $3.00.

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Day 5 of FFA Week

On Thursday the 20th, the Cashton FFA hosted a Brat and Burger Sale for the students and staff of Cashton High and Middle School during their lunch hours. Today was also tractor apparel day, so the Cashton Middle/High School was filled with students supporting their favorite tractors including John Deere, International Harvester, Allis Chalmers, and others.

Day 4 of FFA Week

On Wednesday during FFA Week, the Cashton FFA encouraged the students of Cashton to dress in Camo and blaze orange to help promote FFA. During the high school lunch hour, the four classes, freshmen, sophomores, juniors and seniors, competed against each other in a paper airplane contest.

Day 3 of FFA Week

On Tuesday of FFA Week, the Cashton FFA encouraged the students of Cashton High and Middle School to find a friend and dress as twins for the day. The officer team also held a cheese and cracker contest between the freshmen, sophomores, juniors and seniors. The students had to eat as many cheese slices and Saltine crackers as they could in one minute.

Day 2 of FFA Week!

In honor of FFA Week, on Monday, the Cashton FFA had the students at Cashton High school and Middle school wear their animal apparel. We ended up with a variety of animals, from alpacas to eagles to deer. We also held a milk chug during the high school lunch period. The freshman, sophomores, juniors, and senior classes competed against each other in the milk chug contest.

Pancake Breakfast Day 1 of FFA Week!

This morning the Cashton FFA hosted its annual Pancake Breakfast for FFA Week. Members of the officer team as well as other members helped cook and serve the members of our community.

FFA Week!

Cashton FFA celebrates FFA week February 16th-22nd. During the week, the Cashton FFA encouraged the students of Cashton High School and Middle School to participate in the dress up days, and lunch time activities for high school students.  The officer team will also be hosting an assembly on Friday afternoon for the students to participate in. During FFA Week, the Cashton FFA will also be hosting a Pancake Breakfast on Sunday, February 16. On Saturday, February 22, the officer team will also be delivering donuts to dairy farmers, as well as hosting the Cashton FFA’s annual Casino Night for its members.

The dress up days and lunch time activities  include:

Monday: Animal Apparel

Milk Chug

Tuesday: Twin Day

Cheese and Crackers Contest

Wednesday: Camo/ Blaze Orange

Paper Airplane Contest

Thursday: Tractor Apparel

Brat and Burger Sale

Friday: Blue and Gold Apparel