2017 Pancake Breakfast

On Sunday February 19, 2017, the Cashton FFA held its annual Pancake Breakfast to kick-off FFA Week. Serving started at 7:00 a.m. and continued until 11:30 a.m. Overall, more than 200 people were served. The Cashton FFA would like to thank all of the community members who came out to support them. They would also like to thank Pasture Pride and Von Ruden’s Meats for donating parts of the meal.

FFA Week 2016 Day 4

The Cashton FFA hosted its annual FFA week Brat Sale on Thursday of FFA week. FFA members grilled hamburgers and bratwurst for middle school and high school lunches. The Brat Sale is a fundraiser for the week’s activities and is the end result of the Food Products and Processing class’s brat processing unit. During the sale the student body was given tickets to vote for teachers to kiss the mystery animal, a middle school student to wear a pig costume, and two high school students to be the farmer and cow of FFA Week. This year’s nominees for the kiss the mystery animal were Mr. Hanley, Mr. Kohl, Mr. Jackson, Mr. Zellner, and Mrs. VonRuden. Middle school student nominees for the pig costume were Paige H., Logan P., Phillip B., Bonita H., Kenny L., and Alannah K. The high school student nominees for farmer and cow of FFA Week were Kiana E., Nick L., Taylor F., Ben W., Bre H., Brandon K., Alyssa V., and Donnivan H.

The winner of the pig costume is Phillip B.

The winners of the FFA Week Farmer and Cow are Ben W. (farmer) and Nick L. (Cow).

The teacher selected to kiss the mystery animal will be revealed at the FFA assembly on Friday.

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FFA Week 2016 Day 3

On  Wednesday, the third day of FFA week, students at Cashton High School were hidden in plain sight. They dressed up in camouflage, blaze orange, and blaze pink. They also participated in the lunch time activity, which was inflation toss. A boy and girl representative from each class had a chance to try to get 5 milking inflations into a milk crate. During the middle school lunch, the 8th grade students won. In the high school contest, the Freshmen won after tying with the sophomores. Thursday’s dress up day is favorite tractor day. There is no lunch time activity; however, there will be a brat and burger sale. When students purchase a meal, they will get tickets to vote for kiss the mystery animal (teachers), cow and farmer costume (High School), and the pig costume (Middle School).

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PALS Update: FFA Week 2016

To add to the celebration of FFA week, the third graders participating in the PALS program learned about FFA Official Dress, some FFA trivia, and colored in the FFA emblem. Students were asked to assemble a paper doll with FFA Official Dress. Students learned about the significance of the FFA jacket as well as the rules that are followed when an FFA member wears an FFA jacket proudly. Third graders answered a few questions about how they can live out the FFA mission and participate in future local FFA activities by playing an FFA trivia game. These future members were excited to learn about the FFA organization.


FFA Week 2016 Day 2

On the second day of FFA week in 2016 students were seeing double. Students dressed up as twins to celebrate the week. During lunch, students in middle school and high school competed in a cheese tasting contest. Middle school students identified five different cheeses, muenster, mozzarella, cheddar, colby, and swiss. Meanwhile, high school students had to identify seven cheeses muenster, mozzarella, cheddar, colby, swiss, cream and provolone. Students that successfully identified the most cheeses were awarded FFA bucks to use at the Cashton FFA Casino night held at the end of FFA Week.

FFA Week 2016 Day 1

Students of Cashton High School participated in the first school day of FFA Week on Monday. The dress up day was flannel/ plaid. Not only did many high school and middle school students dress up, but a lot of the teachers participated. The lunch time activity was corn shucking; a boy and a girl from each class volunteered. In the middle school lunch, the sixth grade pair won. During the high school lunch hour, the sophomores won. Tuesday is Twin Day; the lunch time activity is Cheese Identification.

Pancake Breakfast


Cashton FFA Pancake Breakfast for National FFA Week

The Cashton FFA will be kicking off National FFA Week

with their annual FFA PANCAKE BREAKFAST!

When: February 21st, 2016, serving from 7:00 am – 11:30 am

Where: Cashton High School Cafeteria

Cost: $4.00/plate


Hope to see you there and support the Cashton FFA!

Pancake Breakfast

FFA Week: Saturday

On Saturday morning, officers delivered donuts to supporting farms in the community. That night, we then held our annual Casino Night. Students were given FFA Bucks to play games and win money throughout the night. At the end, they were able to bid on cool prizes! FFA Week came to a very successful end.

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