With the start of a new school year comes the chance for new students to join FFA. The officers held the first meeting of the year. Over 30 members came and participated in the potluck lunch meeting. Door prizes were given away at the meeting, a Cashton FFA hat and a Cashton FFA t-shirt.  The officers informed the members on upcoming events like World Dairy Expo and National Convention.

Monthly meetings for members will be held every 2nd Friday of the month. There will be a potluck and door prizes for FFA swag. New members are always welcome.

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FFA Fruit Sale

The Cashton FFA Fruit Sale has come and gone. FFA members sold more than $25,000 of fruit this year. The fruit sold was the same as last year which included apples, oranges, pears, grape fruit, nuts, cheeses, cheese spreads, and meats. It was another very successful year for the chapter.

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Tomah Tractor Pull

On Saturday, June 21st, members of the FFA Chapter represented Cashton at the Tomah Truck and Tractor Pull. The members were able to ride in the bed of a brand new pick up truck before the Tractor Pull along with the Tomah, Sparta, and Brookwood FFA Chapters. They also played Paul Harvey’s “So God Made a Farmer” poem before hand in honor of FFA and the Agricultural Industry.

Rebecca and Angela

Rebecca and Angela ready for the Tractor Pull!

All Loaded up!

All the members that represented Cashton at the Tractor Pull.