PALS Week 4

This week during PALS Taylor, Mr. King, and Sierra traveled to the elementary school to teach the 3rd graders about plant cuttings. They had talked about seeds two weeks previously, so they showed the 3rd graders another way to start new plants from previously growing plants. They showed the 3rd graders how to take a cutting and how to plant it in the soil. The students got to keep their plant cuttings and take them home.

First Week of PALS

Partners in Active Learning Support (PALS) is a program that connects elementary students with Middle School and High School FFA members to learn about the agriculture industry and its importance in society. The last time Cashton FFA hosted this program was about five years ago, and have decided that it’s time to get it running again. Sophomore Taylor Hanley, 2015-2016 Cashton FFA Reporter, decided to start this program as part of her Supervised Agricultural Experience (SAE) project. Her, along with the help of the other officers and members, traveled to the elementary school for the first time on Tuesday, January 5th, and will do this every Tuesday during CCLC to teach different students about the importance of agriculture. This is a very special program to connect the elementary students to agriculture in the community, the FFA chapter, and the agricultural resources at the High School and Middle School.

Ag Day

On Tuesday May 13th, members of the FFA chapter put on an “Ag Day” for students in grades K-5. In the morning, kindergarten through second grade students were able to tour a local dairy farm. They learned about the dairy cows, sheep, parts of the milk house, TMR, and different farm equipment. During this time, the 3rd through 5th graders participated in different learning activities and learned how to make brats, evaluate soils, train chickens, and make butter.  They then went to tour the farm that afternoon. The students had a lot of fun and learned a lot about Agriculture.