Halloween Safety

On Friday, October 29th a group of FFA members went to the Cashton Elementary school to teach the elementary students how to have a safe Halloween. The students watched a presentation, and then did a fun activity with the members. Everyone had a good time and learned a lot.

PALS Update: FFA Week 2016

To add to the celebration of FFA week, the third graders participating in the PALS program learned about FFA Official Dress, some FFA trivia, and colored in the FFA emblem. Students were asked to assemble a paper doll with FFA Official Dress. Students learned about the significance of the FFA jacket as well as the rules that are followed when an FFA member wears an FFA jacket proudly. Third graders answered a few questions about how they can live out the FFA mission and participate in future local FFA activities by playing an FFA trivia game. These future members were excited to learn about the FFA organization.


PALS Week 4

This week during PALS Taylor, Mr. King, and Sierra traveled to the elementary school to teach the 3rd graders about plant cuttings. They had talked about seeds two weeks previously, so they showed the 3rd graders another way to start new plants from previously growing plants. They showed the 3rd graders how to take a cutting and how to plant it in the soil. The students got to keep their plant cuttings and take them home.

PALS Week 2

This week during PALS Angela, Taylor, and Mr. King went over to the elementary school to teach the 3rd graders about seeds. The first things that they did with the 3rd graders was help them make rag doll seed germination tests. A rag doll seed germination test is when seeds are wrapped in wet paper towel. It will hopefully grow. The third graders also learned what conditions a seed needs in order to grow and what the word germination means. We also talked about how many of the foods we eat everyday are either seeds or made from seeds.


Taylor teaching the 3rd graders.

Wildlife and Forestry Class Teach Elementary about the Outdoors

On Friday, October 9th, the Wildlife and Forestry Ag Class went to Wildcat Mountain State Park. They taught elementary students about wildlife and the outdoors.

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