Cashton Brewers Trip 2016

Cashton Community Brewers Trip
Hosted by Cashton FFA and FFA Alumni

The Cashton Community Brewers Trip is Sunday July 10th

The Brewers will be playing the Cardinals.

Ticket Cost is $75. Cost includes ticket, transportation, and tailgate.

Trip departs from Cashton Elementary School parking lot at 6:30 am.

To reserve tickets call or e-mail Mr. Nathan King
608-654-5131 ext 139

PALS Update: FFA Week 2016

To add to the celebration of FFA week, the third graders participating in the PALS program learned about FFA Official Dress, some FFA trivia, and colored in the FFA emblem. Students were asked to assemble a paper doll with FFA Official Dress. Students learned about the significance of the FFA jacket as well as the rules that are followed when an FFA member wears an FFA jacket proudly. Third graders answered a few questions about how they can live out the FFA mission and participate in future local FFA activities by playing an FFA trivia game. These future members were excited to learn about the FFA organization.


Middle School FFA Celebrates Pancakes

The Cashton FFA Middle School hosted its second lunch activity to celebrate a national food day. National Blueberry Pancake Day was Thursday, January 28th. The Middle School FFA Officers cooked up a variety of pancakes for members to enjoy after lunch. Celebrating National Food Holidays is a program put together by the Middle School FFA Chapter to promote agriculture and socialize with middle school FFA members. “Highlighting different agriculture products throughout the year gives students a connection to their food.” said Mr. King, about the event.

Homecoming Week

It is Homecoming week in Cashton! This week FFA members will be participating in a number of activities including air band competitions, rope pulls, relays, roou ball competitions- a volleyball game with 4 courts, eating contests, a parade, a dance, dress-up days, and much more. Please also come and support our fall athletes. On Thursday night, the Volleyball teams will be hosting New Lisbon. On Friday night, the football team will be hosting New Lisbon for the Homecoming game. Go Eagles!

The FFA Homecoming Poster

The FFA Homecoming Poster


With the start of a new school year comes the chance for new students to join FFA. The officers held the first meeting of the year. Over 30 members came and participated in the potluck lunch meeting. Door prizes were given away at the meeting, a Cashton FFA hat and a Cashton FFA t-shirt.  The officers informed the members on upcoming events like World Dairy Expo and National Convention.

Monthly meetings for members will be held every 2nd Friday of the month. There will be a potluck and door prizes for FFA swag. New members are always welcome.

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Thank You Sponsors

The Cashton FFA would like to thank all of the sponsors for the Toy Show Raffle and the Fall Fest Parade Milk. New and returning FFA members start their school year participating in this annual event. With donations from sponsors the Cashton FFA toy raffle had over 30 toys and Fall Fest parade attendees were served over 3000 cartons of chocolate milk. Thank you sponsors for your donations this year.

Check out the supporters page for a listing of businesses and sponsors that support Cashton FFA and Agricultural Education.

Officer Bonfire and Training

The officer team gathered around the bonfire on Wednesday, September 2nd to start officer training. We had a good time playing games, roasting marshmallows and hot dogs over the fire, and singing camp songs.

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2015 Alumni Chicken Q

The annual Cashton FFA Alumni Chicken Q was held on Sunday, August 30th at the Cashton Park. The chapter officers served a meal to the FFA members, Alumni members, and their families. Mr. King introduced the officers and made announcements regarding the new school year, fall fest events, and the toy show.

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State FFA Land Evaluation Contest

On Tuesday, August 25th, the Cashton FFA sent a senior and a junior team to compete at the State FFA Land Evaluation Contest at Farm Technology Days in Sun Prairie, WI. The senior team consisting of Alex Hurtz, Sierra Hanley, Josh Korn, and Nick Gronemus placed 1st in the state in the senior division. They will be competing at the National FFA Land Evaluation Contest in Oklahoma City, OK in May. Hurtz placed 4th individually; Hanley placed 3rd, and Gronemus placed 2nd. The junior team also took 1st place in the junior division. This team consited of Angela Klinkner, Trevor Hemersbach, Rebecca Gronemus, and Taylor Hanley. Klinkner took 1st individually; Gronemus took 3rd, and Hanley took 4th. Congratulations teams.

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