The Land Evaluation CDE or Soils Contest teaches students best land use practices through a hands on experience in contests across the state.

Cashton Soils Contest

Soils Contest Resources

Wisconsin Soils Contests

Cashton FFA has a history of soils success at state.


2016 Senior Soils Team: Taylor Hanley, Rebecca Gronemus, Angela Klinkner, and Trevor Hemmersbach

2013 State Soils Junior Team

2013 State Soils Junior Team: Angela, Nick, and Sierra.

2012 State Soils Junior Team

2012 State Soils Junior Team: Angela, Trevor, Nick, and Sierra

2012 State Soils Senior Team

2012 Senior State Soils Judging Team: Ashley, Timmy, Jacob, and Mark

2010 State Soils Senior Team

2010 State Soils Senior Team: Kyle Brueggen, Josh Hemmersbach, and Bandon Dunnunm

2010 State Soils Junior Team

2010 State Soils Junior Team: Jacob Hemmersbach, Timmy Geier, Chelsey Mack, and Ashley Hurtz

2009 State Soils Senior Team

2009 State Soils Senior Team: Matt Bjornstad, Jeremiah White, Dillon Klinkner, and Jessica Hurtz

2009 State Soils Junior Team

2009 State Soils Junior Team: Kyle Bruggen, Brandon Dunnumn, Brett VonRuden, and Josh Hemmersbach

2008 State Soils Seinor Team

2008 State Soils Seinor Team: Nate Leis, David Numan, Kori Trescher, and Jacob Gronemus

2008 State Soils Junior Team

2008 State Soils Junior Team: Jessica Hurtz, Matt Bjornstad, Logan Vieth, and Dylan Klinkner

2007 State Soils Senior Team

2007 State Soils Senior Team: Jacob White, Zach Hemmersbach, Clint Dunnumn, and Matt Hemmersbach

2007 State Soils Junior Team

2007 State Soils Junior Team: Nate Leis, David Numan, Kori Trescher, and Jacob Gronemus

2006 State Soils Senior Team

2006 State Soils Senior Team: Tyler Mlsna, Derek Trescher, Cory Hemmersbach, and Todd Herricks

2005 State Soils Junior Team

2005 State Soils Junior Team: Cory Hemmersbach, Tyler Mlsna, Todd Herricks, and Derek Trescher

2016 – 1st place senior team
2015 – 1st place senior team
2014 – 1st place junior team
2013 – 1st place junior team
2012 – 1st place senior team
2012 – 1st place junior team
2010 – 2nd place senior team
2010 – 1st place junior team
2009 – 4th place senior team
2009 – 2nd place junior team
2008 – 3rd place senior team
2008 – 1st place junior team
2007 – 4th place senior team
2007 – 2nd place junior team
2006 – 2nd place senior team
2004 – 1st place senior team
2004 – 3rd place junior team
2002 – 3rd place junior team
2001 – 4th place senior team
2000 – 3rd place junior team
1999 – 3rd place junior team
1997 – 2nd place junior team
1996 – 5th place junior team

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