2017 Banquet

The 2016-2017 year was a very successful year for the Cashton FFA. We had many award winners and accomplished many things. The end of the year awards banquet was held  on May 21, 2017 at the Cashton Community Hall. FFA members, alumni members, families, and community members came to share a night to recognize the achievements of the Cashton FFA Chapter and its members. The event started off with opening ceremonies and a welcome by chapter president Angela Klinkner. They were then dismissed to get food while a video recapping the year’s events was shown.

The Honorary Chapter Degree is the highest degree the chapter can bestow on an individual or group in the community. This year’s recipient was Mark Gronemus. We would like to thank him for all he does for the chapter. Middle school members participated in many activities this year. All middle school members were recognized. 7th and 8th grade students are eligible for the Discovery Degree. This years recipients are Megan Culpitt and Mckenzie Peters; the star Discovery Degree winner was Megan Culpitt. The first degree high school students are eligible for is the Greenhand Degree. This years recipients are Jasmine Felch, Allison Brownell, William Balsdon, Rachel Klinkner, and Lily Adams; the recipient of the star Greenhand degree is Rachel Klinkner. The second degree a high school student is eligible for and the highest degree the chapter can bestow upon a member is the Chapter Degree. This year Jasmine Felch and William Balsdon received the Chapter Degree, and the Star winner was William Balsdon.

An award is given to all members who have been in the chapter for 4 years, their entire high school career, to thank them for all they have done for the chapter. This years Senior Members were Rebecca Gronemus, Angela Klinkner, Sierra Hanley, Nicholas Gronemus, Trevor Hemmersbach, Austin Larson, Avrie Butzler, Helen Flock, Noah Flock, Natasha Neubauer, and Kyle Lundgren were also eligible to get a scholarship from the Cashton FFA Alumni. The following received scholarships; Rebecca Gronemus, Angela Klinkner, Sierra Hanley, and Natasha Neubauer. The following seniors will also be awarded the State Degree at the Wisconsin State FFA convention in June; Angela Klinkner, Rebecca Gronemus, Sierra Hanley, Nicholas Gronemus, and Trevor Hemmersbach. The following FFA members received their American degree: Alex Hurtz, Josh Korn, and Ryan Osuski. Every year a member is chosen to receive the Dekalb award; that member has gone above and beyond to improve our chapter’s development. This year’s recipient was Rebecca Gronemus.

Members who participated in Speaking Contest and Career Development Events were also recognized for their achievements. Individual members and families who made quota or sold over a thousand dollars of fruit during fruit sale were recognized. This year’s top individual was Trevor Hemmersbach, and the top family was Rebecca and Nick Gronemus. This past year was a successful one for the Cashton FFA when it came to Soils Judging. Those who participated in summer soils were acknowledged, along with Angela Klinkner, Rebecca Gronemus, Trevor Hemmersbach, and Taylor Hanley who placed 1st in the state and went to the National Competition.

There is certain criteria that an FFA member must meet for the chapter and Cashton High School in order to receive a letter in FFA. The following members met those requirements and received 1st time letters: Allison Brownell, Rachel Klinkner, Lily Adams, Katelyn Schmitz, Kirsten Klinkner, Sarah Flock, Brianna Wanek, Emma Gronemus, Alannah Kast, Brett Butzler, Loren Olson, Brady Butzler, Alex Erickson, Kyah Flock, Helen Flock, Avrie Butzler, and Noah Flock. The following members received their second letters: Rian Gronemus, Nick Lasky, William Balsdon, Odessa Hemmersbach, Devon Olson, Mark Leis, Jasmine Felch, Kyle Lundgren. The following members received their third letters: Taylor Hanley, Taylor Menzynski, Sierra Hanley, Nick Gronemus, Rebecca Gronemus, Angela Klinkner, Trevor Hemmersbach, and Austin Larson.

Members were also awarded based on their Supervised Agriculture Experiences; they were given Proficiency Awards. Ryan Osuski, Jestin Hemmersbach, Taylor Hanley, Sierra Hanley, Nick Gronemus, Rebecca Gronemus,  Angela Klinkner, Trevor Hemmersbach, William Balsdon, Mark Leis, Brady Butzler,  and Devon Olson revived chapter level Proficiency Awards. Alex Hurtz will be receiving a gold rated state Proficiency Award at the Wisconsin State FFA Convention in June.  This year the Cashton FFA chapter will be sending four members to the State Convention and State Fair to participate in the Wisconsin State FFA Honors Band and Choir. Angela Klinkner, Rachel Klinkner and Lily Adams will be playing in the band. Taylor Hanley will be singing in the choir.

The 2016-2017 Cashton FFA Banquet rounded out with the Installation of new officers. The officers leaving this year were seniors Angela Klinkner, Rebecca Gronemus, Sierra Hanley, Nicholas Gronemus,and Kyle Lundgren. The new Cashton FFA Officer Team is Taylor Hanley-President, Taylor Menzynski- Vice President, Devon Olson– Vice President Rachel Klinkner– Secretary, William Balsdon– Treasurer, Allison Brownell– Reporter, Lily Adams-Historian, Jasmine Felch-Parliamentarian and Sarah Flock– Sentinel. The Banquet ended with Closing Ceremonies.

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2017 Pancake Breakfast

On Sunday February 19, 2017, the Cashton FFA held its annual Pancake Breakfast to kick-off FFA Week. Serving started at 7:00 a.m. and continued until 11:30 a.m. Overall, more than 200 people were served. The Cashton FFA would like to thank all of the community members who came out to support them. They would also like to thank Pasture Pride and Von Ruden’s Meats for donating parts of the meal.

State Officer Visit

On Tuesday November 8th, Section 3 State Officer Laura Munger visited the Cashton Ag Department. She had workshops during classes and worked with students. Students learned about things like communication and teamwork. She also met with the Cashton FFA officer team over lunch.

Officer Bonding

On Friday, November 4th four FFA officers and Mr. King gathered in the Ag room for officer bonding. They carved pumpkins to decorate the Ag room and school for fall. Everyone had a lot of fun! Thank you to Tucker and Becky Gretebeck for donating the pumpkins.

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National FFA Convention and Expo

Cashton FFA Members recently attended the National FFA Convention and Expo in Indianapolis, IN. On the trip down to the Convention students learned about large dairy and swine operations through a walking tour of Fair Oaks Farms. Before experiencing the convention students also learned about horticulture and mechanics careers with a tour of Andretti Motorsports and Heartland Growers greenhouse. At Andretti Motorsports students saw the mechanics stations and tools used to create Indy Cars. Heartland Growers showed students the acres of greenhouse spaces that are used for plant production. Students learned about the automated technologies in modern greenhouses.

At the National FFA Convention and Expo students attended many general sessions and heard from keynote speakers Diana Nyad and Jason Brown. Students also saw performances at the sessions from the National Band, Choir, and Talent. While not attending sessions students explored the career expo. Students had the opportunity at the career expo to explore colleges and career opportunities. Students also walked through the Hall of States and National Agriscience Fair to collect ideas for new chapter activities and meet chapters from across the nation. After the learning was complete students were entertained by a concert featuring Cole Swindell and Chris Young.

Halloween Safety

On Friday, October 29th a group of FFA members went to the Cashton Elementary school to teach the elementary students how to have a safe Halloween. The students watched a presentation, and then did a fun activity with the members. Everyone had a good time and learned a lot.

Football Kick-off

On Thursday, August 18th the Cashton FFA served a fundraising meal at the first Cashton High School Football game of the season. The head coach of the opposing team, the Ithaca Bulldogs, had been diagnosed with cancer. Cashton Football head coach Jared Hemmersbach and other businesses donated food to help raise money for his fight against cancer. Both communities were glad to come together to support such a worthy cause.

Wisconsin State Fair

West Allis, WIS., August 11-14, 2016 – The Wisconsin State FFA Band and Choir preformed at the 165th Wisconsin State Fair. Two Cashton FFA members preformed in these groups; Taylor Hanley was apart of the Choir, and Angela Klinkner was in the Band. They preformed various genres of songs in different places around the fair grounds. They made new friends and had so much fun. If you would like to learn more about the State FFA Choir or Band please contact us or go to http://www.wisconsinffa.org/programs/.

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2016 Monroe County Fair

The 2016 Monroe County Fair was held at the Tomah Recreation Park, July 27-31. This year’s theme for the fair was Rock’N’Roll.Sixteen Cashton FFA members showed dairy, swine, sheep, beef, and rabbits. Angela Klinkner, Devon Olson, Rachel Klinkner, Izzy Mason, and Brianna Wanek all showed dairy cattle. Taylor Hanley, Preston Schrier, Brady Butzler, Alex Hurtz, Angela Klinkner, Ryan Osuski, Rachel Klinkner, and Jestin Hemmersbach all showed swine. Members that showed sheep were Bonita Hanley, Taylor Menzynski, Sierra Hanley, Marissa Schaldach, Annie Schrier, Katelyn Schmitz, and Devon Olson. Preston Schrier also showed beef; Katelyn Schmitz and Annie Schrier showed rabbits.  Some of the members were able to sell their animals at the Junior Livestock Auction on Saturday night. Before the auction, there was a meal where buyers could interact with the youth selling in the auction. This meal was served by the Cashton FFA Chapter.  All in all, the Monroe County Fair was very successful for Cashton FFA members.

Cashton Soils Wins State

Lake Geneva, WIS., July 19, 2016 – The Cashton FFA Chapter was named the state winning FFA Land Evaluation Career Development Event Team. Team Members include: Angela Klinkner, Rebecca Gronemus, Taylor Hanley, and Trevor Hemmersbach. The Cashton FFA Advisor is Mr. Nathan King.  Two of the members of the Cashton FFA Team placed in the top Ten individuals at the contest, Rebecca Gronemus placed 2nd and Angela Klinkner placed 6th. The team will be competing in the National Land and Range Judging contest in Oklahoma City, OK in May 2017. Other members from the Cashton FFA competed at the junior level of competition and received 2nd place in their category. Team members include Annie Schreier, Bonita Hanley, Megan Culpitt, and Lily Gronemus. Nick Gronemus, Sierra Hanley, Rian Gronemus, and Emma Gronemus also participated in the contest.

The contest was held in conjunction with the Farm Technology Days at Snudden Farms in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. Students participating in the land evaluation contest examine soil and land for its ability to be classed for its best use for pasture, cropland, woodland, or wildlife habitat. One of the greatest values of the contest is in its ability to develop decision making skills while keeping current with new research. The National Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) soil scientists and County Land and Water Conservation conservationists serve as the judges for the contest.

The Wisconsin Association of FFA is a leading student organization due to the efforts of more than 19,000 students across the state. With a focus on premier leadership, personal growth and career success, students’ FFA activities complement agricultural classroom instruction by giving them an opportunity to apply their skills and knowledge while gaining real-world experience.