Agriscience Facilities

In January of 2015 the Agriculture/Technology wing was completed at Cashton High/Middle School. The Agriscience Facilities feature an Agriscience Classroom, Animals Lab, Greenhouse, Foods Lab, and Shop.

The Animals Lab features an incubator for chicken eggs, cages for small animals, and open space for other animals.


The Greenhouse features automated grow lights and curtains to provide proper lighting for plants. Heating and cooling is also automated with a gas heater, pad cooler, and window vents.

The Foods Lab features stainless steel counters and sinks. The lab is set up to focus on meat and milk processing.

The Agriculture Shop connects the various labs together. The Agriculture shop features an engine lift, exterior exhaust reel, and connection to the metal processing lab.

The Agriscience Classroom is equipped with a kitchenette, ceiling cable reels, laptop cart, and SMART board.