PALS group celebrates Easter with Science

On Tuesday, March 22, Taylor, Mr.King, and William, traveled to the elementary school to teach some science about Easter. Their subject of study was Easter Eggs. They set up an experiment to see if the amount of vinegar used while coloring the eggs impacted the color. In their math class during school, the third graders were learning about fractions. Taylor and Mr. King used fractions and percentages to set up the experiment and give the students more practice. They set up 11 glasses starting with 100% water, and then went up 10% vinegar in each cup until the last was 100% vinegar. Then, they put red food coloring and an egg in each cup.  They waited for 5 minutes, and then pulled the eggs out and compared color. The end result was that the more vinegar used, the darker the color will be. Mr. King also showed the egg shell dissolves in CLR. Afterwards, each student was allowed to color and take home their own egg.