New School Year Letter and Phone Extension

A teacherly post from Mr. King.

As the new renovations to the MS/HS are being completed the phones in the school have been updated with new extensions. The agriculture room phone number is now 608-654-5131 ext:139.

Welcome to a new school year and new classes. The Cashton Agricultural Department has gone through many changes in the last year. The most obvious one this school year is the new class set. The class titles and topics have been developed to focus on specific career clusters within the agricultural career pathway. This will allow a deeper dive into content in specific areas of agriculture.

Agriculture education is comprised of classroom instruction, supervised agricultural experience (SAE), and involvement in the FFA. Classroom instruction gives students contextual learning to apply to their work based supervised agricultural experience. The National FFA Organization is agriculture’s career and technical student organization. The organization’s motto of learning to do, doing to learn, earning to live, and living to serve, connect classroom learning and supervised agricultural experiences. Students in FFA have the added benefit of competing in skills based contests, attending leadership conferences, networking with professional organizations, and eligibility for awards and scholarships.

The FFA is a National Organization that has over 500,000 members and awarded over $2,000,000 in scholarships last year. The FFA Chapter participates in contests to showcase and develop a student’s leadership and speaking skills such as parliamentary procedure, prepared speaking contest, job interview contest, and discussion meet. Also, the chapter’s skill based contest participation includes livestock evaluation, meats evaluation, dairy evaluation, dairy products evaluation, soils evaluation, and veterinary science. As the school year begins I encourage you to take advantage of the opportunities and activities that are available to FFA members. FFA meetings will be held the 2nd Friday of every month.

The Cashton FFA Alumni is a key support group to agricultural education in Cashton. Many alumni members are hosts for field trips, FFA activities, and guest speakers in the classroom. The FFA Alumni supports supervised agricultural experiences through an interest-free loan program. FFA members conducting an SAE may borrow money from the Alumni for start up and supporting funds. This loan can be used in many ways such as purchasing seed for a hay crop, a feeder pig to be sold at the fair, a calf for a dairy or beef project, or tools and supplies for a mechanics project, the possibilities are endless. Loan payment is due at the end of the project’s life cycle. The FFA Alumni also grants scholarships to FFA members up to $500 each. Support by coaching a skills based FFA team is also a role that FFA Alumni members play. Through the Alumni’s expertise, the Cashton FFA chapter has sent many teams to the National FFA Land and Range Judging contest in Oklahoma.

Again, welcome to the new year! To stay up to date on all things Cashton Agriculture Education, the Cashton FFA website is continuously updated with FFA Chapter, FFA Alumni, and classroom resources. The classroom homework log and activity reminders are available on the website. If you have other questions feel free to contact me by email, phone, or in person.


Mr. Nathan King
Phone: 608-654-5131 ext:139
Cashton HS/MS Agriculture Instructor
Cashton FFA Advisor